Symbols of Leonardo da vinci paintings

Above painting is from self. Leonardo Da Vinci in the possibility of using a special mirror to  painting his works. Chances are revealed because: if the paintings by leonardo da vinci confronted with a mirror angled 33 degrees, the paintings will be formed symmetrical symbols that appear intentional and produce symmetrical symbols such as crosses. Almost in all the paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci are symbols. In the work of self, there is also the symbol of the cross which amounts to 3 with symmetric. Symbols of 33 degrees and 3 more popping up in the works leonardo da vinci.

The symbols found when I saw Leonardo Da Vinci painting upside down in a mirror with a certain angle. Some of these cross-shaped rectangular symmetry.

The image is taken from the painting Ginevra:
Even the symbols used in a particular ring of association contained in some of his paintings. Her Yellow hair become a balance cross with shine.

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