the world is full on happiness. Birth is happiness, young is happiness, health is happiness and life is happiness. To meet a human whom one love is happiness, struggling to be happy is the way in to happiness.

Those who wish for happiness should do things for happiness.

The cause happiness is a way by which they may be new, something that appears as there causes and conditions change.

in this way the world of life is created by the person it self, and those whos can get the happiness  will make other happy too.

I have done good and made happier my self and other and the good act commonly happy.

The process of life and process of birth and the right things to do is life its self.

happiness come and stay when they appear and get happiness for its self.

happiness is free from all things with happiness want to do it.

happiness like wise and recognizing that the world is full of happiness and who choose the part on it will give the happiness it self.

Knowing that things is happiness.



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